Awaken Salina Petition Information
Please Note: Our Petition Drive in Salina was Successful -
these links provided for informational purposes ONLY.
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Please read all of the information below before printing any of these files.

Awaken Salina has launched the official petition drive to place the Salina Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ordinance before Salina residents on a future ballot.
If you live in Salina, we need your help!!
All the information and documents required to help gather signatures supporting the referendum on this ordinance are on this page.  Above and below are links to three printable documents that you MUST have in order to begin collecting signatures.
FIRST, it is very important to note that ONLY registered voters in Salina can circulate this petition.  (If you do not live within the City Limits of Salina but want to help, Click HERE to let us know and we will be in touch regarding other ways you can help.)
SECOND, only registered voters who live in Salina should sign this petition.
THIRD, all petition sheets require that the carrier verify before a notary that they are a registered voter in Salina and that they have also witnessed each signature that appears on the page.
FOURTH, anyone who is carrying this petition should also carry a copy of the ordinance as it was passed by the City Commission so that anyone who wishes to read the ordinance before they sign the petition can do so.
This information and other instructions are printable and included in the Salina Petition Instructions links on this page.
Please print out all three of these documents and take care to review the instruction sheet before you begin to solicit signatures.
Salina Petition Form 0  Salina Petition instructions 0 Salina ordinance 0
Please note the Salina Ordinance is lengthy and may take longer to download - you may also have to select landscape format when printing the ordinance.




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