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Kansas Family Policy Council Action has created Awaken Kansas where you will find the vital information you need to make informed decisions regarding ongoing efforts to weaken the institution of marriage, traditional family values and religious liberties. This website has been created to serve Kansas families in an effort to provide a fact-based approach to troubling public policy that seeks to undermine traditional marriage and family values.

The institution of marriage is the basic building block of society and every day we see more attempts to undermine and weaken the strength and foundation of traditional marriage and families. Awaken Kansas is a project of Kansas Family Policy Council to defend the institution of marriage from attack by destructive agendas. Awaken Kansas also serves to help preserve religious liberties that are imperiled by government action, legislation or regulation. Unfortunately, activists within the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community have targeted Kansas with an agenda seeking to change laws and ordinances within Kansas on several fronts as part of an ongoing national effort to change the definition of marriage. Part of this agenda includes expanding LGBT rights, targeting school curriculum, and diminishing religious liberty.

In addition to consistently providing fact-based information, data and research, Awaken Kansas serves as the hub where you can find out what action to take and when to take it. Our strategy is to combine information and technology to make it easy for you to weigh in on important cultural and governmental issues from one day to the next. From time to time we will post links where you will have the opportunity to contact your local, federal or state elected officials in a quick and easy way to register your views on matters related to marriage, family values and religious liberties. As you will see on this page, we coordinate petition drives for specific policy initiatives for localized issues.

Awaken Kansas is actively engaged in a number of local matters across Kansas as well as maintaining a presence in Topeka during the legislative session. Because the challenges to traditional marriage and family values occur at all levels of government we seek to help wherever we can.

On these pages you will find up-to-date information on current efforts to change state laws and local ordinances that lead to the weakening of marriage, traditional family structure and religious liberty.

Awaken Kansas is part of the Kansas Family Policy Council (KFPC) organization, established by our ‘action’ component.

Kansas Family Policy Council Action (KFPCA)is a 501 c(4) nonprofit organization which maintains a nonprofit status but also allows us to advocate and lobby for solid policy that seeks to protect marriage, families and religious liberties.


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