Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Ordinances are Known as Bathroom Bills

A number of cities across Kansas have been asked to consider troubling municipal ordinances that would extend special rights by creating new protected classes for certain individuals based upon sexual orientation and "gender identity".  Currently this ordinance exists in Lawrence and the cities of Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita and Pittsburg are considering adopting similar rules.  Click on the buttons in the right column to learn more about the current status of each of these proposals.

Because these changes include public accommodation in addition to housing and employment, there is much to be concerned about. In other areas of the nation where these laws exist, access to restrooms and locker rooms has come into question when, for example a "gender identity" man who is living as a woman chooses to use the women's restroom or locker room. In the state of Maine, Denny's restaurant was sued over access to restrooms by a man choosing to live as a woman who wanted to use the women's restroom. In a settlement last year Denny's agreed to no longer restrict gender specific access to its restrooms. In a number of locations around the country, schools have also been the subject of lawsuits when they tried to prevent students who claim to be "gender identity" individuals from using bathrooms meant for the opposite gender. The legal protections established by this new ordinance would create the legal climate in which such claims are valid and result in such unorthodox changes.

The truth is that women and children who live in areas of the country where these ordinances and law exist can never be certain that they will not encounter men in restrooms, locker rooms, or changing rooms at department stores.

This should be concerning to all residents of both Hutchinson and Salina. Please take a moment to click on the box below to sign the petition expressing opposition and encourage your City Commissioners to oppose these changes.


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