Bullying: Real Problem Turned into a Political Agenda

It is a sad commentary but the dangers of bullying and its tragic effects have become a political term.  Rather than a social problem that needs firm, swift and direct action; the bullying issue has become a Trojan horse allowing a number of troubling agendas to enter into our public school system.

Bullying has been present in our schools for many years, however in recent years, with the advent of technology and social networking; it has had tragic life-altering affects for far too many families. Bullying is wrong and it needs to be addressed firmly and decisively when it happens.

Unfortunately that is not happening.  In many areas of the country, liberal policymakers and LGBT activists have seized the issue to create lengthy, involved legislation purporting to address bullying.  The laws that are passed however fail to do anything but create additional mandates upon our schools to implement bullying plans, policies and curriculum.  It is paramount to note how these laws are written regarding WHO gets to make the policy. In most cases the laws are written to include school officials, students and community activists in formulating the plans.

This is structured specifically to include LGBT activists and their agenda in the planning of these flawed policies. Nationally, groups like the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) have drafted comprehensive curriculum plans for schools to allegedly combat bullying including lesson plans, guidelines and suggested reading – all of which advocate and support homosexual lifestyles and same-sex marriage.  Beginning in Kindergarten through 12th grade, these guides hammer home the message that marriage is no longer important in our post-modern culture and because we cannot discriminate; homosexuality must be accepted as an equally legitimate lifestyle and same-sex marriage must be viewed as normal.  Kids who do take the bold step of speaking their minds against such teaching are often targeted as bullies and punished for doing so.  Bullying laws essentially function as hate crime laws governing not the right or wrong actions of students, but the motives behind those actions – punishing some motives more severely than others.

This issue among all others is perhaps more troubling because it targets our youth in their most formative years with confusing messages about basic societal structures.  Bullying laws employ a fair amount of peer pressure from teachers, administrators and fellow students to assimilate these disturbing lessons which often teach exactly the opposite of what most kids learn at home.

If comprehensive bullying laws become widespread in Kansas, one has to wonder if in 20 or 25 years there will be anyone left who has not been indoctrinated with this toxic morally-relativistic message who can stand up to defend marriage.


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