The Destruction of Traditional Biblical Worldview Beliefs in our Culture

In today's culture we find our traditional Biblical world view being challenged on every front at all levels of government from the president all the way down to our local city councils and school boards.  Every day we and our children are bombarded with messages from celebrities about how old-fashioned and outdated our traditional views are, specifically when it comes to traditional marriage and "tolerance".

There are a number of issues that are currently at the forefront of the battle where traditional biblical beliefs are being challenged.  All of these issues seek to enact or bring about change that will weaken both the institution of traditional marriage and the presence of a biblical worldview in our government and culture.

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Ordinances

First and most prominent in Kansas at the moment is the effort to assign special civil rights to individuals based upon sexual orientation and gender identity.  This is a movement initiated and perpetuated by the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender LGBT community.  LGBT activists learned a long time ago that their efforts to pass these radical changes at the federal level were not going to work when in the late 90's they failed to get Congress and the Clinton  Administration to enact the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) at the federal level.  Since ENDA has failed, the LGBT community has turned its focus on individual cities and local governments to enact its troubling agenda often by working behind the scenes before anyone knows about it.

In early 2011, the City of Manhattan Kansas enacted this troubling ordinance.  However a number of churches and individual citizens rose up and organized an effort to replace a number of City Commissioners in the April elections.  They were successful and in May of 2011 the radical ordinance was repealed in Manhattan.

Since that time, four other cities in Kansas have been targeted by LGBT activists with this ordinance; you can read about each of them by clicking on the individual cities listed on the left side of this page.


Sadly, one of the problems facing our school children today has been co-opted into the homosexual agenda.  Bullying is a real problem that has lead to very tragic consequences for children and their families all across the nation.  While bullying is certainly nothing new, it is something that deserves our attention and needs to be addressed.  Indeed with the advancements in technology that we have at our fingertips today the reach and extent of bullying among school-aged children is much more widespread and damaging than ever before.

Bullying has however become a political term used by the LGBT lobby to force their agenda into our school curricula.  National groups like GLAAD and GLSEN have actually written lesson plans for teachers to begin indoctrinating our children about the homosexual lifestyle at their most impressionable years. Click on "Bullying" on the left column to read more.

Preservation of Religious Liberty

The assault on religious liberty in our culture has gotten so bold and aggressive, it has become necessary to enact laws just to preserve what has been traditionally and constitutionally established in our nation.  There is example after example of situations in which religious liberties of both individuals and organizations have been trampled.  Each time it happens somewhere in our nation it creates yet another legal precedent that can then be cited by subsequent challenges to our most very basic liberty. 

In Boston, Massachusetts the Catholic Charities Adoptions Services voluntarily closed its doors rather than being forced to perform adoptions to same-sex couples.  This decision was the result of a deeply held religious belief conflicting with state nondiscrimination laws.  Catholic Charities of Boston would rather cease operations rather than abide by a law that would have forced them to violate their own religious liberties.

In New Mexico, a photographer was sued when she declined to avail her services to a same-sex couple for their commitment ceremony.  Regardless of the fact that the couple found another photographer and regardless of the fact that the State of New Mexico did not recognize same-sex unions, the couple filed a claim with the New Mexico Human Relations Board and was awarded nearly $7000 in damages.  Because the photographer chose to run her business according to her beliefs she was sued.  Her religious liberties were violated.

Numerous bed-and breakfasts around the country have been targeted for lawsuits when the proprietors decline to rent their facilities to same-sex couples.  Some of these bed-and -breakfast facilities are in their owners’ homes, yet they are facing legal action due to nondiscrimination laws.

The message is simple.  While many Christians would take a live-and let-live approach to the LGBT community, the LGBT community is not content to do the same.  They LGBT community has in its aim the mission to force everyone to become complicit in their chosen lifestyle or face legal action and ostracization.  While many of us can be tolerant, there is a marked and litigious intolerance presented by the LGBT community.

Read more in the Section on Religious Liberty.


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