Kansas Religious Freedom Protection Act


The opposition to religious liberty is very active -- take action today.

The Kansas House of Representatives recently passed The Kansas Religious Freedom Protection Act (bill number: H. Sub for SB 142) by an overwhelming vote of 91 to 33. This is a very important piece of legislation which now will be considered for passage in the Kansas Senate. 

The state Senate needs to hear from Kansans who support this bill as soon as possible.  Click HERE or on the button on the right to send a message to your Senator now or, continue reading for more background information.

This legislation is important in today's culture because people of faith are often targeted when they express their views. As an example, a Texas student who expressed his view supporting marriage as one man and one woman was suspended for doing so - read the story HERE. Also, medical students can be targeted when they decline to participate in medical procedures such as abortion that are in conflict with their faith. - The Christian Medical and Dental Association chronicles many cases of this occurring HERE.

The History

In 1993, Congress passed the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in response to Supreme Court decisions which weakened historic legal standards used in religious liberty cases. RFRA statutorily defined stricter standards for religious liberty challenges and was passed almost unanimously by Congress and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. At that time, the law applied to all federal and state governments however a subsequent Supreme Court ruling in 1997 stripped the laws applicability to the individual states. It has since become incumbent upon each state to enact laws establishing the same strict standard to be used in court cases at the state level in cases where religious liberty is challenged.


The Opposition

There is a very active movement to stop this bill. Atheists, feminists and civil libertarians have mobilized their networks to create a significant backlash against this important legislation - calls and emails to the members of this committee are predominantly from people who oppose religious liberty. I spoke with a member of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday and he told me that because support for the bill seemed to be lacking, he was not sure if religious liberty mattered to Kansans at all.

The Legislation

HB 2260 - Kansas Religious Liberty Protection Act is solid legislation that needs our support and our elected officials are working hard to enact these important safeguards. With all of the efforts in our culture to stifle and limit our First Amendment rights, it is vital to protect them while we still can. The Judiciary Committee members need to hear from Kansans who value religious liberty.

Please take a moment to let the your Representative know you support them and that you want this legislation to move forward. While it may take a few minutes of your time, we need to act while we have the opportunity. As noted above, activist groups who oppose this bill are investing an immense amount of time and effort to stop it.

We need your help! 


KFPC is now using the Voter Voice system to make it quick and easy for you to contact your legislators about important issues.  Many have registered their support for this bill with their member of the Kansas House of Representatives  and now we must get to work contacting our State Senators.

By clicking on the link in the top right column, you can send a message to your Kansas Senator asking them to bring this legislation to the floor for a vote and to support its passage.   We have written the message and all you have to do is enter your home address.  Once you do, an email will be generated to your Representative based on your address - you will also have the opportunity to add your own comments before sending the message if you wish to do so.


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