What do Bathroom Bills Really do Legally and Constitutionally??

Our friends at the Alliance Defense Fund have provided an excellent brief regarding Bathroom Bills and their affect upon the rights of individuals, businesses and churches.  The brief also covers the real intent of ordinances and laws seeking special rights for sexual orientation and gender identity. 

In addition, the brief covers the dangerous and ominous threat to rights of conscience and religious liberties that often follow the enactment of expanded nondiscrimination laws and ordinances.  Currently the cities of Wichita, Hutchinson, Salina and Pittsburg have been asked to expand their discrimination codes to include these new classes of protection.

The ADF Brief at the link below is lengthy, however it reads concisely and clearly about the troublesome nature of these laws.  There are also ample references to support and demonstrate the points made in the memo.


Please click ADF MEMO to read the entire document.


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