What is Gay Revisionist Theology?

In the course of the past few months, several cities in Kansas have had numerous public meetings regarding the addition of sexual orientation and 'gender identity' into their discrimination codes.  Despite the inherent danger of adding such protected classes for reasons discussed elsewhere on the Awaken Kansas website, it has become clear that there is a concerted effort to use Holy Scripture to justify and legitimize the homosexual lifestyle. 

In meetings across the state there have been claims that the Bible does not address homosexuality, that Jesus never spoke against homosexual relationships and that the Bible contains outdated and old-fashioned viewpoints on many topics including homosexuality.  These points are often made by individuals seeking to advance the cause of homosexual rights in an effort to compel people of faith to accept the homosexual agenda.

It is critical that we look at the claims and assertions made regarding scripture and examine them thoroughly to expose their erroneous premises.

In the right column, you will find links to articles and commentaries regarding the claims made by those promoting the gay revisionist theology.  These articles provide excellent information and solid Biblical truth in response to revisionist theories.


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